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WIPS Vision

To make the Forum of Women in Public Sector , the largest unified network of working women in India.

WIPS Mission

 To be a dynamic & vibrant forum.
 To enhance professionalism and competence of working women in PSEs.
 To ensure holistic development of women at large.
 To promote an enabling and conducive environment at work place.
 To maximize Corporate Life Membership and Individual Membership.
 To forge liaison with Government agencies / SCOPE for women friendly policies.

WIPS Objectives

A) The Main Objectives of the Forum shall be to :-

 Inspire and Promote the integrated growth of women in public sector and to enhance their effectiveness in employment, in career management, and in overall development as a person.
 Play a catalytic role in improving the status of women in and around public sector undertakings.
 Initiate formation of women cells/advisory forums involving the women employees and as far as possible other employees in each enterprise.
 Identify specific needs of women employees and suggest suitable programmes to be handled at the Regional as well as National Levels.
 Develop an Information Centre/network for wide dissemination of information including a data base of women in public sector.
 Inspire and facilitate gender sensitive governance and gender balance at decision making levels to nurture and evolve socially responsive truly profitable organizations.
 Do all things conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

B) The focus will be on developing an effective, sustainable, and a vibrant network for amity and growth, for knowledge building and management, for maximizing the potential of women towards effective decision making in their spheres, for striving towards equal opportunities for development, and the like .